He might bite back

chuck palahniujKris Neihouse from the Key West library reports: next Wednesday February 13 Book Bites will meet at 5:30 to discuss the author Chuck Palahniuk. I know many will have equal but opposite reactions to this cult favorite. Personally I adore him! I have been doing a lot of reading by and about him.  He is a very interesting writer (and person.)

Please come to share your opinion–no matter what it is!
See you at the Library!!
P.S.  Stay tuned for Toni Morrison in March!

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One response to “He might bite back

  1. Spotz

    Looks good to me. Is a bare arm shot appropriate for a writer? I mean he may be all cool and going for a rough-trade thing, but don’t you want that on
    your personal and not your jacket cover? Maybe I’m being a litprude (Hey, I just made that up! Feel free to drop it in conversation).

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