What to read?

I never actually have this problem — I have the opposite one — but I hear people sometimes wonder what they should read. The wonderful Anne Rice at the Key West Library has compiled a list of various “Best of 2007” lists. I love these lists, even if I’ve compiled my own “to read” lists that are longer than several lifetimes. A good resource and worth bookmarking.

One of my favorite online reads, Slate, also has a list of winter reading recommendations from various writers. And the National Book Critics Circle recently posted its Winter List of Good Reads.

(A note on library nomenclature: The library at the corner of Fleming and Elizabeth streets is, in all accuracy, the May Hill Russell branch of the Monroe County Library system. However everyone in town refers to it as the Key West library so I will, too. But if you live here you should know we’re part of a countywide library system and the other branches are all worth checking out — I’m especially fond of the Islamorada, aka Helen Wadley, branch on Upper Matecumbe.)



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2 responses to “What to read?

  1. nancy bender

    perfect …just what our book group needs.

  2. Thanks for making me “wonderful”!

    Here’s a link to our growing del.icio.us list of librarians’ favorite book sites: http://del.icio.us/keyslibraries/books

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