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motherboard.pngOK, it’s not about books. But it’s about reading and information and it’s an interesting topic — a book review from the Washington Post, of a book called “Against the Machine,” a rant against the Internet and how Kids Today communicate. The reviewer is a former software engineer who wrote a book called “Close to the Machine” so perhaps she was destined to dislike the book. And as a blogger and avid reader of stuff on screen, I also dislike this guy’s central thesis. Especially from a guy who posed as a commenter on his own blog.

Fundamentally, I just don’t get why this is an either/or question — yes, the Web is full of crap (as is printed matter). But there’s so much good stuff out there, so much of which was inaccessible or couldn’t even have existed before.


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  1. eMTee

    I absolutely agree. The good stuff on the internet far outweighs the countless high school research papers citing Wikipedia as a source.

    I mean, did you see that skateboarding dog on YouTube???

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