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Wondering what to read this summer? The Monroe County public library has an idea; here’s the press release sent along from Anne Layton Rice: What now? Is June eBook of the Month
Bestselling author Ann Patchett offers an essay on hope and inspiration for graduates and anyone at a crossroads
Based on her lauded commencement address at Sarah Lawrence College, this stirring essay by bestselling author Ann Patchett offers hope and inspiration for anyone at a crossroads, whether graduating, changing careers, or transitioning from one life stage to another. With wit and candor, Patchett tells her own story of attending college, graduating, and struggling with the inevitable question, What now?
From student to line cook to teacher to waitress and eventually to award-winning author, Patchett’s own life has taken many twists and turns that make her exploration genuine and resonant. As Patchett writes, “‘What now?’ represents our excitement and our future, the very vitality of life.” Praised as “The best graduation present on the market…” by Publisher’s Weekly, What now? highlights the possibilities the unknown offers and reminds us that there is as much joy in the journey as there is in reaching the destination.
Provided through the generous support of HarperCollins Publishers, What now? will be available to Monroe County Public Library patrons June 1-30. If you have already established a NetLibrary account through Monroe County Public Library Library, visit www.netLibrary.org and log in.  If you do not have a NetLibrary account, you can create an account from any Monroe County Public Library library computer.  Library hours and directions are available here: www.keyslibraries.org For more information, contact Anne Layton Rice at rice…@monroecounty-fl.gov

Other ideas should be on the air Sunday from 9 to 10 a.m. on U.S. 1 Radio (104.1 for local listeners, us1radio.com for those far away) when I, along with Kristina Neihouse and Christine Bell from the public library, will be on Cruisin with Grusin to talk about summer reading. I’ll be talking about all the cool stuff you can get here at the college library — anyone in the Keys can belong! — as well as all the stuff to read before next year’s Literary Seminar. So listen up.



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