Radio saved the literary star?

Amid all the mourning for disappearing book coverage in newspapers, Publishers Weekly reports some good news: NPR is increasing its books coverage. (That’s 100.5 on your FM dial in Key West, most of the time, or anytime on the web from a station of your choice — I like the NPR books podcast they put out every couple of days which collects a bunch of their books stories — reviews, interviews, features — it’s free and you can subscribe on iTunes then pop them right onto your computer and/or iPod.)

I found this story about NPR, by the way, on Critical Mass, the excellent National Book Critics Circle blog. Don’t know if anyone but me uses my blog’s blogroll as a handy way to check in on various book and literary sites but some of them are fun. And today I added a new one, PhiloBiblos, the blog of a young and, judging from his blog, extremely smart librarian up in Massachusetts. Found that one through my new addiction, LibraryThing.


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