Red Sox quote of the day vol. 4 (going back to Boston edition)

“Like I said from the beginning, it doesn’t matter to me who’s the No. 1 starter and who’s the No. 5 starter,’’ Lester said Sunday in anticipation of his Game 3 start. “We all have equal importance to this team when it comes to winning. I just try to go out and execute pitches. Hopefully I can go deep in the game and give the bullpen a rest and give it to [Jonathan Papelbon], and anytime you get to Pap with the lead, we’re doing pretty good.’’ — That’s pitcher Jon Lester, quoted by the Boston Globe’s Tony Massarotti. Boy will we all be glad to see Lester on the mound, as well as the friendly green of Fenway.

I haven’t entirely forgotten about books, though — in fact my recent reading and my Red Sox in the playoffs obsession merged for awhile there as I read Dennis Lehane’s new novel, “The Given Day.” It’s historical and it’s epic and Babe Ruth shows up a couple times, in his last year with the Sox (the book is set in 1918-1919 — I wonder what it says about us as a society that the trade of the Babe to the Yankees is far better known to New England schoolchildren than the Boston police strike which is the climax to the book?


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