From the Mulletwrapper to the Daily Beast

lost chalice cover So how cool is this? First Publisher’s Weekly comes out with a rave review for The Lost Chalice, my friend Vern’s new book about the antiquities smuggling trade in Italy, where he has lived and reported for the last several years. And then, just a few weeks before the official publication date, Tina Brown’s cool new site The Daily Beast, features another rave in its Book Beast section. Worth checking just for the photo! You go, Vern! And to think the contract for this book was signed at my dining room table … (Vern, a very good friend indeed, flew in from Rome for our big 40th birthday party. For the weekend. And I’m using “our” not in the royal we sense but because it was also my husband’s and friend Jason’s birthdays so that’s why we had a big bash, OK?!)

This book, I should note, is available at the Key West Library as well as fine bookstores everywhere.


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One response to “From the Mulletwrapper to the Daily Beast

  1. Recovering Restaurateur

    The best and the brightest honed their trade in Key West… Jay Carney, Vern Silver, Nan Klingener, Bud Navaro (?!?)

    Some leave, some stay, some fade into oblivion. Still, we enjoy their light while they were amongst us and we remember their contributions after they leave.

    Here’s a Limoncello toast to Vernon. I hope his book makes the Times list.

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