Teaser Tuesdays: The Victorians by A.N. Wilson

I’m joining in the bookish meme hosted by MizB of the Should Be Reading blog and posting what I’m reading today. My wordpress skills are not up to the formatting of MizB or Julia, so forgive me. But my reading at the moment, continuing my recent return to giant nonfiction tomes, is The Victorians by A.N. Wilson. It’s one of those grabbag compendium popular histories — I’m only 88 pages in but it seems to jump around a lot. I suspect I’ll learn quite a bit by the time I finish though I’m dubious about how much I’ll retain. I’ve read the first two volumes of James/Jan Morris’ Victorian trilogy — Heaven’s Command and Pax Britannica — and the only thing I remember is that the Brits got slaughtered in Afghanistan trying to get through the Khyber Pass.

Anyway here’s the random excerpt:

” The Queen had been in effect an only child — though she had a half-sister she was brought up as a solitary, uncertain of her mother’s love and yet monarch of all she surveyed. … Neither from parent nor from first-born son could the consolations of affection be found, nor the even more deeply consoling qualities of dependability, obedience, affection for her whims.”



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4 responses to “Teaser Tuesdays: The Victorians by A.N. Wilson

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂 Those grab-bags can be a little more difficult to retain – the jumping around messes with my chronology, which may be a historical weak point for me anyway. It’s the relativism that gets me: what was happening in this country while this was happening in the other country, who were contemporaries, etc. I think perhaps our education in history (whether in school or in books) is weak here; we seem to learn one country or region’s timeline and then another’s, and I lose the connections, if that makes sense. Sorry, that was a rambling reaction to your teaser! It’s a sad way for a little girl to grow.

  2. What an intriguing teaser! Thanks for sharing….


  3. Into the valley of death rode the 600.

    So do we all get to post a teaser on Teaser Tuesday?


    Everything else is in there.

    Do you like Lee child’s Jack Reacher books? He did one that had a bit of that Afghani stuff as a major plot line. Quoted Kipling: “Save the last bullet for yourself.” Sorry I can’t recall the name. Two or three back in the series I think.
    And I find WordPress complicated. Prefer blogger.

  4. boneislandbooks

    Yeah, WordPress is pretty complicated — but I keep telling myself it could make my blog look really great if I bothered to learn more about it. I haven’t read any Lee Child but I keep meaning to. Right after I read Michael Connelly and George Pelecanos. Thanks for sharing! The Should be Reading blog is the keeper of all links but I think it’s good to share them all over the place — that’s the beauty of the Interwebs, right?

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