Couple items of note: In my review of Susan Orlean’s Rin Tin Tin, my only complaint was that there weren’t enough images (especially of the original dog) and my hope was that someone was putting together a documentary using Orlean’s work as its basis. My prayers are mostly answered! Orlean herself has put together a visual presentation — and she’s coming to Key West! Hooray! She’ll be at the Tropic on Monday, Nov. 21 — you can already buy tickets and you should do so. They’re $12 for Tropic members; $15 for nonmembers. This is especially welcome this year since I won’t make it to the Miami Book Fair (though if you are anywhere in South Florida and have the time and are interested in reading at all, I highly recommend it).

And, since I wrote about the Shakespeare authorship question and read a whole book about it — Contested Will by James Shapiro — I went to see Anonymous. As always, I enjoyed the Elizabethan sets and costumes. And it was way fun to see theater of that time presented in its original context. Vanessa Redgrave was great as Elizabeth and her daughter, Joely Richardson, was, too. I don’t really have a problem with historical inaccuracy in service of telling a dramatic story — Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, is one of my favorite movies ever. I watched the entire run of The Tudors, and enjoyed it, even though every single character was historically preposterous. But. I do have a problem with rampant inaccuracy (I’m no expert but I can rattle off about six in Anonymous without even trying) when you’re purporting to be truthtellers who are correcting a giant historical inaccuracy/conspiracy. And, I have to say: Rhys Ifans’ eye makeup. What was up with that???



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  1. This certainly is a hot area for discussion lately, the lines between purported memoir, historical novels, history and pure fiction. I always just put in the front matter, “I make stuff up.” Certain people will recognize some truths, but I am just telling a story, not ratting on anyone. I LOVE Philippa Gregory’s work, and I am not about to check up on her and see what is or was real.

  2. Rhys Ifans seems to be type cast as the freak in just about everything that he has ever done; I haven’t seen Anonymous yet [nor am I likely to anytime soon] so it may be no more than that.

    I’m also not too keen on the whole Tudor thing, courtly costumes or not, I find it impossible to romanticize a period that did not have indoor plumbing or any other of other modern innovations that we now deem essential for life like: human rights, universal suffrage, freedom of information laws… [maybe you can think of some more] no matter what great achievements they were racking up at the time. Having experienced the illuminating transitions from tallow to wax candles, the privy to the water-closet and finally electricity I have become immune to the retroactive romanticization of ages past where the standards of personal hygiene were not up to snuff.


    ~I am very aged, but have a child like disposition

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