Project Enterprise: Seeing Double

nemesis10. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)This movie is all about the doubles. Data’s got a clone. Picard’s got a clone. If I’m Riker or Geordie, I’m like hey how come I don’t have a clone?

Overall: B Better than the last one. At least this felt like a movie, with some real scope and a big-screen villain. They should get docked, though, for calling the bad guys’ ship a “scimitar.”

Plot: B+ Doubles. B-4 is Data’s “little brother.” Shinzon is Picard’s Romulan-engineered clone. All about mortality? Sure, why not? It worked for Wrath of Khan.

Costumes: B Romulans OK, Shinzon OK, Starfleet no change.

Extra cast members: A- Really only one but he’s a good one — Tom Hardy is Shinzon! And he’s good, too — way skinner than he is as Bane. But the same gravelly menacing voice.

F/X: B- Shinzon’s deteriorating face isn’t bad, but that’s really all there is.

Series ranking: 1. Wrath of Khan 2. First Contact 3. The Voyage Home 4. Nemesis 5. Insurrection. 6. Generations 7. The Undiscovered Country 8. The Search for Spock 9. The Motion Picture 10. The Final Frontier


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