The impressive old ladies of Cape Cod

While I was in Cape Cod learning how to make radio at Transom, I produced two pieces.

My final project started out being about the local candlepin bowling alley, but became a story about one bowler — the inimitable 94-year-old Nellie Kenyon. You can listen to it here.

The first story, produced as an assignment for WCAI’s Creative Life series, was about the Provincetown Public Press, a project of the awe-inspiring-especially-for-its-size Provincetown Public Library. Reporting that story, I met one of their authors, Marilyn Colburn, who was really nice — and turned out to be the friend and neighbor of several of my Key West friends. Small world, many connections between outposts.

Here’s a take-home lesson I didn’t expect: Older folks might want to consider staying up north for the winter. Because the Cape seems to be full of energetic, intelligent people in their 80s and 90s. My classmate Alison Byrne produced a great piece about the senior center’s poetry group and Falmouth’s 99-year-old poet laureate — I’ll link to it as soon as it airs. I’m starting to think I should make Cape Cod my retirement plan. Meanwhile, my journey home starts this evening — I’m taking the Silver Meteor train from DC to Miami. Once I get home, get unpacked and get geared up, I’ll be making more radio. So keep an ear on this space.


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  1. I says, she says.
    Beautiful piece, Nancy. Looking forward to what’s next.

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