What I Read Last Month: October

lump of coalIt didn’t take long for hubris to catch up and whap me upside the head. After my gold star bragging reading record in September, in October I seem to have read … almost nothing. I had my reasons. First and foremost: Work. I got to work on a magazine project, and I produced a radio feature story, which takes a lot of time. Plus: Fantasy Fest! That takes a lot of time. So anyway here is my paltry list for October. It’s almost all romance, too, which is indicative that I’m feeling taxed enough to want some not-too-taxing reading.

Invisible City by Julia Dahl. I actually read that one in late September but forgot to include it in last month’s post. First in a series of contemporary crime fiction — I really liked the protagonist, a young reporter who winds up investigating her personal roots when a Hasidic woman is murdered in Brooklyn.

The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau — Second in a historical crime series set during Henry VIII’s England, starring young Joanna Stafford who was a novice until her convent got dissolved as part of the Reformation. I liked this book, too, maybe more than the first in the series, The Crown.

Never Judge A Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean — Historical romance, read as an advanced review copy, last book in a quartet. I liked it fine — love a woman who hides as a man and runs a gambling hell to boot. I even went back and re-read the earlier installments in the series, A Rogue By Any Other Name, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover and No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. They’re all very well done; my favorite is probably One Good Early because I’m a sucker for a nerd heroine.

And I read one graphic novel: Arrow: Year One. I liked it better than Wonder Woman last month, possibly because I know the character better after mainlining a couple dozen Arrow episodes in the last month or so. That’s my other excuse for not reading a lot in October — I watched quite a bit of TV. My husband and I got addicted to Manhattan, a drama set at Los Alamos during the Manhattan project. The whole series is on Hulu Plus and it’s very well done. On my own, I got addicted to watching Arrow, catching up on the first two seasons on Netflix just as the new one started on Hulu. And I am now watching four, count ’em four comics-based hourlong dramas: Agents of Shield, Arrow, Gotham and the Flash. That’s a lot for not having cable. But they’re all pretty good.


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